Makeup Awareness

Many people are not aware that permanent makeup is under a tattoo license and not cosmetology or an aesthetic license.

(No formal training is needed, except for an online 3 hour course online for the health dept.)

Microblading has been a controversial topic lately. We get calls weekly asking if we’re hiring technicians for microblading. Some have taken only a 1 or 2 day course. Our biggest concern is the
longevity is only a year or so. What is the long term ramifications of the skin’s integrity if it is done annually?

We offer the service with a micro-insertion machine which stays on the skin for up to 5 years.

Make sure you are asking where the inks are produced and what is the education background of the technician performing the service you are inquiring about.

*Ladies, please don’t price shop your FACE! (lt’s not like buying tires for your car!)

How do I check? Google the company name and see all the social media. You can see when a company was established by how old the reviews are. Unfortunately, many permanent
makeup stores come and go. Please do your research.

Emerald Coast Permanent Makeup has been serving our clients off Hwy 98 for almost 8 years now.

Here is a Time-Line Breakdown of Longevity:

*Micro-Stroke=2 Years

*Powder Brow=5-10 Years

*Tattoo= 10-20 Years

*Ombre- 5-10 Years

*Hybrid- 5+/-

*these are approximate

Micro- Blade: due to the longevity of this technique – we do not offer this service